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Deaf and Blind Awareness Training

3 hours





Private Group (x2)


International Payments are accepted at the checkout page

Service Description

The session is delivered by one of our experienced D/deaf trainers that offer Deaf and Blind Awareness Training. The 3-hour session with break intervals covers facts, levels and causes of hearing loss and/or blindness, terminology, lipreading, communication hints/tips, what it is like to be visibly blind and some basic BSL (British Sign Language). This session is designed and developed to give you the skills to communicate with people who are deaf and/or blind efficiently. Learning about Deaf Awareness Training with YOU CHOOSE I TEACH is fun, easy & flexible where you will learn a basic understanding of communication issues affecting deaf and/or blind people and decide if you want to progress to level 1 in BSL qualification.

How the booking is made?

One-2-One: Only one person can book

Public: Anyone can book

Private Group: Only people from the same company/organisation can book. A minimum of 2 people is required.

Contact for more information

How will I be taught?

Our unique online live video tutoring signing sessions have been designed so that anybody interested in learning BSL has access to available qualified online tutors at your chosen date and time. You can now learn wherever and whenever you like.

What will we cover?

You will learn Deaf and Blind Awareness skills at a beginner level relating to the following topic areas:

• BSL Alphabet

• Facts About Deafness

• Different Types of deafness

• Common communication difficulties

• Reasons for poor communication

• Clues to Help Recognise Deafness

• Methods of Communication

• Communication Tactics

• Technology to communicate

• How TypeTalk and Speech-To-Text Phone Works

• English & BSL, the difference

• Lip-reading exercise

• Introduction to BSL signs

• Facts About Blindness

• What is the main problem?

• How do they communicate?

• What it is like to be visibly blind

• 15-minute Q&A time What will I achieve? 

By the end of this session, you should be able to achieve one of the following...

• Be able to fingerspell (the manual alphabet) your full name fully and clearly

• Understand Tutor fingerspelling name and repeat

• Understand the different types of deafness and different types of blindness and key features of communication difficulties

• Understand the communication needs of deaf and/or blind customers

• Understand how to adapt your skills to communicate better with a deaf and/or blind customer

• Be confident in implementing strategies and approaches to facilitate effective communication

• Be able to facilitate simple communication with D/deaf people in BSL

What is the requirement for the course?

All learners must compulsorily have a webcam (camera and microphone) for the online training

What level is the course, and do I need any skills?

No essential skills are required for this course.

When I've finished, what course can I do next?

After completing this session, you can enrol on a Level 1 in BSL course. If you enjoy the tutorials, you can discuss course options with the tutor at the end, should you want to start your journey into learning BSL Level 1 straightaway

Notification of cancellation of a booking by you:


5 working days before the start date = 75% refund.
2 working days before the start date = 50% refund.
Less than 1 working day (24 hours) of the start date = no refund.

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