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Deaf and Blind Awareness Training

YOU CHOOSE I TEACH offers Deaf and/or Blind Awareness Training for all levels of the language. If you are looking for a basic understanding of communication issues affecting deaf and/or blind people, then this training is for you. Learning with YOU CHOOSE I TEACH is fun, easy & flexible where you will learn how to communicate with people who are deaf and/or blind efficiently.

Standard Awareness Training

The session is delivered by one of our experienced D/deaf trainers that offer Deaf and Blind Awareness Training. The session covers facts, levels and causes of hearing loss and/or blindness, terminology, lipreading, communication hints/tips, what it is like to be visibly blind and some basic BSL (British Sign Language)…

Customised Awareness Training

The training can be customised to meet your business needs and we create a programme with tailored content for the training. However, your customised training is often subject to time constraints within your date/time booking.

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