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Session 6 - Hobbies - Interests

1 hour





Private Group (x2)


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Service Description

Give, ask for and understand information about interests and activities of self and others.

Describing interests and activities in the home:

Giving and asking about activities carried out by you and/or people you know in your home, e.g. My father likes gardening. I play the piano. My husband/wife washes the car every Sunday. Do you like computer games?

Describing day-to-day activities of self and others:

Giving and asking for information about interests and activities carried out by you and people you know, e.g. Iike shopping/keeping fit/fishing. What are you interested in? My brother takes his children to the youth club every Friday. My partner has started a keep-fit class. My friend goes on camping holidays every year.

Range of vocabulary could include: 

Interest, hobby, sport, football, jogging, keep-fit, cycling, gardening, holiday, day-trip, seaside, beach, cinema, deaf club, eat-out, pub, youth club, night club, meeting, shopping, cooking, DIY, computer games. In addition, individuals may wish to learn other vocabularies in order to describe their own particular interests.

Please note that it is not expected that all candidates should know the signs for the activities in the following list:

Tennis, golf, skiing, swimming, fishing, sailing, climbing, walking, camping, mountains, theatre, drama, museum, night-class, boy scouts, brownies, girl guides, knitting, sewing.

How the booking is made?

One-2-One: Only one person can book

Public: Anyone can book

Private Group: Only people from the same company/organisation can book. A minimum of 2 people is required.

Contact for more information

Notification of cancellation of a booking by you:


5 working days before the start date = 75% refund.
2 working days before the start date = 50% refund.
Less than 1 working day (24 hours) of the start date = no refund.

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