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Role Shifting & Connectors (BSL3-39)

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Service Description

Connectors help to link and complete sentences. You will be given examples of connectors that link and complete sentences, understanding a broad range of vocabulary, recognising connectors (signs, enumerators, pauses, changes in facial expression, shrug shoulders, hold a sign. Don’t use ‘and; ‘but’, ‘also’ etc.) and linking concepts using connectors to link ideas in presentations, debates and conversations.


also, but, why, what for, through, over, and other connectors include head nods, pauses and placement. Orientations are an essential part of role shifts, however, they are less obvious of the shift makers.

How the Role Shift can be used to show the identity of the chosen character or entity and can be used the following:

• The Body

• Character styles

• Eye gaze

• The eye gaze is part of the sign

• In conjunction with the location in signing space

• For distinguishing false questions and genuine questions

• To invite someone else to sign

• Marking time

• Head nods and head shakes

How the booking is made?

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Private Group: Only people from the same company/organisation can book. A minimum of 2 people is required.

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